Des artistes au labo

June 24, 2013 by

by Benjamin Keller
Hémisphères , la revue suisse de la recherche et de ses applications.
June 2013










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Metro-NeXt at LA.Replay

March 2, 2012 by

Metro-NeXt with ManifestAR at LA Re.Play, an Exhibition of Mobile Art in conjunction with Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking during the College Arts Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, February 22-29, 2012

Co-curators: Hana Iverson, Visiting Scholar, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Dr. Mimi Sheller, Director, Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, Drexel University and Jeremy Hight, independent artist and curator





Metro-NeXt Los Angeles Arrival, LA Re.Play

February 7, 2012 by

Metro-NeXt Los Angeles at LA Re.Play is a mixed reality portal connecting the down town city of Los Angeles with historical and geographical sites in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Thonon (France). Located across the opposite sides of Lake Léman, users are invited to travel into a virtual realm made of poems and reconstructed mundane images, which question the notions of power, longevity, liberty and change.

Metro-NeXt stations are available in the following sites:

– Olivera Street with a teleport to Thonon

Between the pier and across the horizon, stands a golden bridge borrowed morning and evening by the decorated captains, the tagged gulls, and the stamped migrants.

– L.A. China town with a teleport to Thonon/Château de Ripaille

– L.A. Convention Center with a teleport to Lausanne/Ouchy

– L.A. City Hall with a teleport to Lausanne/Place de la Palud

Sur la place, j’attends.

La justice est une femme aux yeux bandés

portant une balance et une épée

Elle m’ignore.


Platonic Solids

November 1, 2011 by

Should artwork keep Platonic Solids’ historical references (i.e. fire, earth, air, universe and water)? Or should it only keep the idea that each polyhedron refers to something?

Artistic references and previous works:

– The Fast Set by Matthew Ritchie. Ritchie embodies universal forces (elements) into characters from which he describes the world.

The Fast Set, text by Matthew Ritchie, New York City, 2000 TheFastSet

– Lalie’s work in metamorphoses (CHUV 2010) using fractal elements to construct a new history for our universe

Metro-NeXt at I Shall Please, Digital Art Weeks

October 26, 2011 by

IShall PleaseDigital Arts WeeksOff Label Festival Exhibition, The Art Of Placebo, October 24 – Nov. 2

To view the work on location, make an appointment with the doctor/artist at the ManifestAR Clinic at Open Space or visit the Exhibition at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Bookmark the Project Launch page on your iPhone or Android.

Musica Universalis

October 23, 2011 by

Based on Johannes Kepler’s notion of the musica universalis or “music of the spheres,” published in 1619, Harmonices Mundi, the Metro-Next teleportation places the user within the platonic solids.

Map As Interface

October 6, 2011 by

Variant Version n °1:

The idea is to use a metro map like an interface. The map could be visible or not. The different lines of Metro could be dedicated to a MetroNext project participant. For example, one line for Lalie, one line for John Craig, one line for Caroline.

Each station could be a special point with an intervention, Lalie’s intervention in Lalie’s line, etc. We can imagine also an crossed interventions when 2 lines cross.

Variant Version n °2:

The different lines could be inspired by a real street in 3 different towns (Lausanne, Boston, Paris). For example, a line could be design in order to follow the drawing of Washington Street in Boston, or Avenue de la Gare in Lausanne. So the different metro lines could describe different checkpoints in the streets.

Variant Version n °3:

Our navigation needs to be more sensitive than we have with the actual possibility to choose options and buttons. For example, people could explore different stations walking in a big empty place and following the stations without any button to choose. It’s just the geolocalisation, the way to hold the phone which will decide what to show.



A Metro-NeXt Journey

September 8, 2011 by

A proposal for an imaginative journey from Kensington Philadelphia to Lausanne via Boston, MA.

Input: Google maps and video footage taken in down town Boston (Old State House and Quincy market), in Lake Leman and in Place de la Palud, Lausanne.

Medium: Video, 3D and digital generative animation

2 minutes loop

Metro-NeXt: Teleport to Boston

August 26, 2011 by

Taller, I will be a queen of Great Britain,

I shall make speeches for balconies

I will declare my independence.



Note: These screen shots are the teleport to Boston experience for passengers traveling from Lausanne / Place de la Palud.

Metro-NeXt: Boston Station

August 26, 2011 by

Metro-NeXt station in Boston is located next to the Old Boston Statehouse. Built in 1713 for the colony government of Massachusetts it became the seat of the government of Massachusetts in 1776.

When the user chooses to teleport to Boston, the Old State House is enveloped by the Old State House Poem Object.

When the chooses to teleport to Lausanne, the Palud Poem Object appears in its relative location to the station.