First Metro-NeXt Entrances


Metro-NeXt entrances are now at the old Town Hall of Lausanne and at the Old Boston Statehouse.

Located in Place de la Palud, the Town Hall of Lausanne, was designed by the Lausanne architect Abraham de Crousaz between 1673 and 1675 on the site of previous town halls. It functioned as a political as well as an economical center, as the halls of its ground floor hosted the wheat market. It is still used today for municipal offices. In front of the building is the Fontaine de la Justice. Sculptured in 1584-85 by Laurent Perroud and his son Jacques, it features a blindfolded young woman bearing a sword and scales (reference:

The Old Boston Statehouse was the seat of the colony government of Massachusetts, the first elected legislature in the world. Built in 1713 it’s second floor housed the government and judicial chambers, while its first floor and warehouse housed a merchant’s exchange. It became the seat of the government of Massachusetts in 1776,  Boston’s City Hall in 1830, a rented out commercial center in 1841, and a museum of the Boston’s society in 1881.


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