Map As Interface


Variant Version n °1:

The idea is to use a metro map like an interface. The map could be visible or not. The different lines of Metro could be dedicated to a MetroNext project participant. For example, one line for Lalie, one line for John Craig, one line for Caroline.

Each station could be a special point with an intervention, Lalie’s intervention in Lalie’s line, etc. We can imagine also an crossed interventions when 2 lines cross.

Variant Version n °2:

The different lines could be inspired by a real street in 3 different towns (Lausanne, Boston, Paris). For example, a line could be design in order to follow the drawing of Washington Street in Boston, or Avenue de la Gare in Lausanne. So the different metro lines could describe different checkpoints in the streets.

Variant Version n °3:

Our navigation needs to be more sensitive than we have with the actual possibility to choose options and buttons. For example, people could explore different stations walking in a big empty place and following the stations without any button to choose. It’s just the geolocalisation, the way to hold the phone which will decide what to show.




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