Metro-NeXt Los Angeles Arrival, LA Re.Play


Metro-NeXt Los Angeles at LA Re.Play is a mixed reality portal connecting the down town city of Los Angeles with historical and geographical sites in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Thonon (France). Located across the opposite sides of Lake Léman, users are invited to travel into a virtual realm made of poems and reconstructed mundane images, which question the notions of power, longevity, liberty and change.

Metro-NeXt stations are available in the following sites:

– Olivera Street with a teleport to Thonon

Between the pier and across the horizon, stands a golden bridge borrowed morning and evening by the decorated captains, the tagged gulls, and the stamped migrants.

– L.A. China town with a teleport to Thonon/Château de Ripaille

– L.A. Convention Center with a teleport to Lausanne/Ouchy

– L.A. City Hall with a teleport to Lausanne/Place de la Palud

Sur la place, j’attends.

La justice est une femme aux yeux bandés

portant une balance et une épée

Elle m’ignore.



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